Small Town Cinema, a five-piece folk outfit based in Troy, N.Y., aims to evoke a certain sensibility and set of memories, like driving down a dusty back road, jumping into a cold lake at the peak of summer and those golden evenings spent counting fireflies in the backyard. Formed in late 2010, Small Town Cinema plays a mix of folk, bluegrass, classic country and more modern fare, putting their unique spin on every song.  From Cheap Trick on a mandolin to Brandi Carlisle with xylophone, it all makes sense in Small Town Cinema’s musical world.

Small Town Cinema is Vince Mancino (vocals, guitar, guitjo), his son Jake (drums, guitar), Ian White (mandolin, steel guitar), Cecelia Martinez (vocals, percussion) and Will Savage (bass). Vince has previously performed as a solo musician, while Ian and Cecelia know each other from their days in bands like Sea of Trees and El Duke. Punk fans may also recognize Will from the band Black Tie Operation. This confluence of backgrounds and influences is what makes Small Town Cinema so unique.

After flexing their folk muscles at area open mics, Small Town Cinema played their first show in March at Valentine’s in Albany. They have also performed at coffee shops and events like Troy Night Out. The group recorded a four-song demo at SwordPaw Music in May.

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